About Us

River Wylde was born in 2018. Founder Bonnie has always had a strong love and appreciation for fashion, design and photography and after having her first baby Penelope Rose in 2017 her desire to get creative as a new mum really vamped up. She sat on the fence for 12 months designing and mostly dreaming until she worked up enough courage to dive into the rag world with absolutely no experience other then an eye for detail and creative flair.
River Wylde's mission is to create a thoughtful, fun and elegant brand that is enjoyable to wear every day. We want your babes to be comfortable, feel special and their skin protected.
We are forever inspired by nature which you will always see in our Earthy colour pallet. 
River Wylde doesn’t follow rules or trends, our aim is to create SMALL, beautiful timeless and playful pieces for the modern child. We want you to enjoy every piece and pass it down and around. Bonnie has a very strong consideration for the environment and our Mother Earth.
Our Environment and your child's skin and mind is very important to us, this becomes a strong factor in all of our designs, fabric choices. and of course our packaging.
We will incorporate Organic and natural fabrics where we can, we will strive to be kinder to our Mother Earth and are committed to staying true to our Values as a company. We are far from perfect but we will continue to strive for a better way every single day and every collection.
Our packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable so we do kindly ask to recycle where possible.
River Wylde is proud to do everything small-we most definitely do not  mass or over  produce, every garment we create has had so much love, thought and time put into it starting from us here in Australia then ethically made with our small manufactures that comply in Indonesia and in India with SEDEX and ISO certification.
The best is yet to come from our little label and we look forward to sharing the journey with you all.
River Wylde.
—He is River, She is Wylde.